Thursday, April 22, 2010

Read Stuff, You Should

Starting with something not to read, as's a close call, this time, between a Schoen/Caddell op-ed in the WaPo giving (more) terrible advice to the Democrats, and Hot Air's contribution to the closed-information-loop discussion.  The tie-breaker?  Yes, I know it's a mug's game to dig down into comments, but I did want to quote this one -- the fun part is the parenthetical at the end:
WOW! Great take down Karl :) The First part using Rush’s shows how ridiculous the idea that the riight is engaged in some epistemic closure. On the contrary we are constantly engaging the media. If we werent fox news would be our only source for information. (If you listen to Laura ingraham, Hannity, Levin or even our local Washington DC consevative Chris Plante you will see that they all pretty much follow the same format that Rush uses)
But of course the real news here is not only that Jim Manzi wrote a scathing review of Mark Levin's book, but that it was posted at NRO.  Good for them, and well worth a link.

Continuing with the good stuff:

1. I doubt anyone needs me for this well-publicized item, but if you haven't read Bruce Bartlett's closed-loop post, you should.

2. Matt Yglesias makes a good point about counterinsurgency and Afghanistan, while William Saletan has a clever piece on Palin's foreign policy.

3. Ezra Klein is right on tax enforcement.

4. Yglesias again, this time harping on the open seats at the Fed.  Meanwhile, Brad DeLong explains Goldman's problems with the SEC.

5. Sullivan vs. the Tea Parties.

6. OK, I'll admit it: I'm now going to link to something I haven't actually read, just because I really want to mention the Monkey Cage's terrific job of collecting posts about elections in far off and exotic places.  Like Hungary.

7.TNC.  The Civil War.  Just one taste, but obviously you want to read the whole series.


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