Friday, April 2, 2010

In Which I Take On Jon Stewart (sort of)

Well, it's not Jon Stewart, it's someone writing at Comedy Central's "Indecision Forever" page, and I'm not really taking him on, just making an observation.  Got that?  OK:

What brings this on is that Jon Stewart CC's IF page was kind enough to link to my recent post about how Congress has always been and will always be unpopular, thus allowing me to tell people at the conference I'm at that Jon Stewart linked to me, allowing me to be a lot cooler than I normally am.  If I recall correctly, it was Jimmy James who said "I could get used to" sitting at the cool kids table.

The thing is that while my item said that everyone hate Congress always, Comedy Central turned that into "Congress is Stupid and Everybody Hates It and always will hate it."  In other words, they transformed my post, which was about how everyone hates Congress no matter what it does, into a Congress is stupid slam.

Which I suppose makes my point a whole lot more concisely than I'm capable of doing.


  1. Get used to it, Jonathan. It's the price you pay for fame. Always. Always.

  2. Jon, you have to appreciate the meta-humor here. Jon Stewart makes fun of media that take things out of context or misrepresent things. Then, people associated with his show did the same thing. Now you're pointing that out. What I really want to see is the post on the Daily Show's site that makes fun of this rejoinder.

    I'm hopeful that we're witnessing the birth of a misrepresentational comedy feud up there with the Hatfield/McCoy kerfuffle.


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