Thursday, February 10, 2011

AZ Senate Trivia

Arizona will celebrate its centennial next February 14th, and has had only ten Senators over the 99 years so far (counting Barry Goldwater once; he was out of the Senate for four years after his presidential campaign and returned to the other seat).  Arizona's contemporary, New Mexico, has had seventeen Senators.

Of Arizona's ten Senators, only three were born in the state: Goldwater, Dennis DeConcini, and Carl Hayden, with Hayden actually born in Arizona Territory. Turns out Alaska has only had two native-born Senators -- the two current officeholders.  There are two current Senators (at least that I know of) who were born in Arizona, the Udall cousins. I was born in Phoenix, although I haven't lived in the Grand Canyon State for some time, so I'm rooting for whoever takes Jon Kyl's seat to be a native of Arizona.


  1. Barry Goldwater was born in Arizona Territory as well.

  2. Richard is correct -- Goldwater was born in 1909.

    Lessons learned: 1. Relying on Wikipedia for a quick post is fraught with danger; 2. Richard Skinner knows his political trivia. OK, I did already know both of those things.

    Although I'm willing to bet that David Karol could beat him...I'd come in a poor 3rd in political scientist Jeopardy, I'm guessing.

  3. McNulty knows an amazing amount of "worthless" information as well, though I'm not sure he's quite in Richard or David's league.

  4. You flatter me. Especially by the comparison to David Karol.


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