Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Baseball Post

Yeah, nothing analytic today. Just how great it is to have baseball back, even if it's only spring training. Getting to hear Jon Miller...well, that's pretty much what we wait all winter for. And getting to hear Miller giving the play-by-play of the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants -- wow. Even if, soon enough, the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants were Chris Stewart and Francisco Peguero and Steve Edlefsen and other guys with numbers higher than the years between Giants champion seasons.

And once again, there really is nothing better than MLB Audio, or whatever it is called these days.


  1. Stumbled upon this blog just a few days ago, and I've enjoyed getting my political fix. However, now that I know you're a fan of the World Champion San Francisco Giants, I'll never leave this place.

  2. I was a lot more excited about the start of the baseball season before Adam Wainwright went out for the season.


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