Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Fox Code

I'm sure someone has got there before me, but I haven't seen it, so: are we really going to pretend that it's just a coincidence that Fox is running -- and hyping -- a new show about how corrupt Chicago pols are, just as the 2012 presidential cycle gets underway with conservatives hitting the theme of "Chicago-style politics" against Barack Obama?

Mind you, this is exactly the kind of thing that tends not to matter at all, as far as electoral politics is concerned. Zilch. And for all I know, it'll be a terrific show (my friend Steven Rubio, who is usually right about these sorts of things, is recommending giving it a try). And, hey, maybe it really is just luck of the draw. Could be. Really.


  1. Just guessing from his tweets (he's on Twitter, and we could just ask him and he'd give an honest reply), Shawn Ryan would say it's just a coincidence. In his favor, his greatest triumph, The Shield, was on FX, as was his most recent effort, Terriers, and he worked on Fox's Lie to Me for a year, so he has an existing relationship with the Fox folks. And he's from Northern Illinois, and so Chicago was likely an easy choice for location. On the other hand, well, everything you said in your first paragraph.

  2. If you're serious, I think that Fox the entertainment network carries none but the most abstract of waters for FNC.

    If you're joking, then let's be clear that GLEE is also a part of this- Homosexual kids have made it all the way to suburban Ohio? SOMEONE CALL TIM PAWLENTY TO STOP THIS!

  3. Meanwhile, Fox is also airing a cop drama in which the Chicago PD is depicted rather lovingly. Yep, that's the same PD which has had a (retired) detective convicted of perjury for denying he tortured suspects. To my knowledge, Richie Daley has tortured nothing except the English language.

  4. It's a coincidence. Career TV execs, a lot of whom had worked for all four networks, develop primetime shows. Roger Ailes has zero influence, and Murdoch is reportedly hands-off on anything Fox Broadcasting does.

    The only way you'll convince me of this conspiracy is if the evil mob boss/drug kingpin turns out to be the black Southside community organizer running for Senate. Otherwise, I highly doubt anyone watching this show will think of Obama.

  5. I have no knowledge to bring to the discussion, but I had exactly the same thought when I saw the promo the other day.


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