Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Baseball Post

The All-Live Team?

Is Pujols the All-Live 1B? I guess not; it's probably Musial, since he's not going to fit in the OF. McCovey, McGwire, Thomas...lots of good choices, with no real standout.

Joe Morgan and Mike Schmidt are clearly the 2B and 3B. Let's see...for SS, we have Rodriguez, Jeter, and Ripken as the contenders, right? Without studying it, I'll assume it's A-Rod (obviously, part of the question is how much time away from SS matters).

Piazza over Berra and Bench at C, at least in my book.

Bonds, Mays, and Aaron? Not bad.

Clemens, Seaver, Maddux, Randy Johnson...who gets the fifth spot?

Obviously, the All-Live Team totally dominates the bullpen.

Hmmm....I'll make a 25-man roster. Ten man staff, so I get 7 bench guys.

I'll take a couple of Oakland guys, Rickey Henderson and Frank Robinson, as the next two OFers. I'll take Bench and Berra, both. I want Ripken. Hmm...I'm awfully tempted to take Ozzie Smith; can I count him as a backup at 2B? That's a bit of a problem with this team. Molitor? Rose? Behind Musial, well, that's a tough one, unless I want to spend some time being careful about it. Since I don't, I'll take McGwire and -- hey, my bench tilts way to far to the right! Better take McCovey over Thomas and Pujols.  Uh oh, that's eight. I suppose I'll take Ozzie as my UT IF (since A Rod can shift to 3B, too), lose Ripken, and...damn, this is hard. Rickey, Robinson, Bench, Berra, Ozzie, McGwire, and McCovey.

That leaves the fifth starter, and five for the bullpen: Rivera, Gossage, and then pick three -- I suppose if its a real team, better make at least one a lefty. Especially since the All-Dead team is lousy with lefty hitters. I'm gonna want Marichal for my 5th starter, but I'll admit that's pure bias.

So, can they beat the All-Dead team?


  1. Hmm, for your fifth pitcher, I'd put in Kevin Brown. He may not have longevity on his side and he finished his career in a near meltdown moment but there was a time when he was the most dominant pitcher in his league.

  2. Fifth pitcher should be Bob Gibson, Marichal's not a bad choice though. Bullpen must include Eckersley. Lefties could be Sparky Lyle or Randy Myers, oh, 5th reliever: Billy Wagner or Billy Pierce

  3. As a Mets fan I love Piazza, but picking him over a three-time MVP (Berra) is awfully tough . . . And yes, the All-Live team would beat the All-Dead team. Greater depth due to the much bigger talent pool and training standards that gradually kicked in during the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

  4. Oops, I forgot that Wagner was a lefty. So I'd add Eck, Wagner and Pierce

  5. Old vs New? Lets not forget the PEDs. It knocks out near half the team. Id like Koufax on my team.

  6. No love for Ernie Banks at SS?

    Pedro Martinez probably gets the fifth spot for me, although one obviously could claim Bob Gibson, Marichal, or Koufax. Also worthy of mention: Steve Carlton (4 Cys), and another 1960's Giant, Gaylord Perry.

    I'd take fewer pure relievers and stick some of these guys into the pen. How would you like to have Koufax and Marichal as your lefty-righty long men? Yowza!


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