Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Barney Frank

I was looking up an amendment to the CR last week that apparently defunded the "Fairness Doctrine Czar" (no, of course there's no such thing as a Fairness Doctrine czar, but that's not the point here) when I came across:
Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. I have a parliamentary inquiry, Mr. Chairman
The Acting CHAIR. The gentleman will state his inquiry
Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. What's the text of the amendment? This is the one we were given. Could I get a reading of the text of the amendment, or could I get a copy of the amendment?
The Acting CHAIR. The gentleman may ask unanimous consent for that.

Mr. CARTER. Will the gentleman yield for a moment?

Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. I yield to the gentleman from Texas.

Excuse me. Does this have anything to do with cement? If you mention cement, I'm not yielding.

Mr. CARTER. I promise not to mention cement.

Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. Then I yield. Because where I come from, cement was not good news for the people who were put into it.

I yield to the gentleman.
I'm sure there's a good explanation for it, but I think we're all better off imagining it instead of having me look it up and ruin the fun. If you follow the link, you can also read Frank on Czarinas vs. Czars, and his advice to Rep. Hal Rogers to "work out his Lenin fantasy."


  1. Sorry to ruin the fun:

    John Carter believes that the EPA is on a mission to use red tape to close Portland Cement factories:

    "If enacted the new regulations are expected to result in the closure of 18 of America’s 97 Portland cement factories, the loss of 1800 jobs, and an increase in global air pollution as cement production moves to China and India where there are no environmental controls."

    It's good to see that Barney Frank remains his normal, colorful self, even in the minority.

  2. The link goes to a search page that has timed out, so we can't read about the Czarinas and Lenin. :-( (Tried Googling those terms along with BF myself, and the only thing of value that came up was this very post.)

  3. @Jeff -- if you go back up to the THOMAS search page and search for "cement" and limit it to Rep Frank, it's the first of two (?!) hits... (page H1123)


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