Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nevada Caucuses

It's hard to come up with something meaningful to say at this point..about the only suspense remaining is at what point everyone will concede that there's no longer any doubt about the nomination. Well, I suppose there's suspense about what wild accusations Newt Gingrich will make next. I'm hoping that he'll turn against Rick Santorum, because I'd like to hear what kind of sneering disdain Newt can come up with for the Keystone state (to join his sneering disdain for Massachusetts, San Francisco, Chicago, New I missing anything? That's 18M+ Americans that Newt regularly sneers at if we confine it to city limits, quite a few more if we look at metro areas. It's true that there are liberals who do bash GOP-dominated states, but I'd be surprised if anyone could find an example of a Democratic national politician doing so, especially not as part of his or her regular public rhetoric).

Anyway, the biggest disappointment last night was in our TV pundits. I didn't watch all of it, of course, but I did have the TV on quite a bit on the cable nets, and despite the fact that Romney obviously had Nevada won with something around half the vote, I was terribly disappointed that the TV pundits didn't immediately move to create artificial suspense by deciding that Romney had to break 50% in order to "really" win the state. This shows an appalling lack of creativity in our TV pundits! We'll no doubt be overtaken by pundits from Japan or China or India or wherever it is that we're worried about being overtaken by these days. 


  1. I can't wait to hear Newt's campaign concession/suspension speech. I'm expecting an oratorical work of art here. Here's what I'm expecting:

    --He will label the media as a group of "Pontius Pilates" who turned him over to be crucified. The secular socialists and radical Islamists allied themselves to destroy Gingrich because they couldn't bear the thought of his presidency.

    --He will denounce all SuperPACs, including his own, as corrupt. He will declare the electoral process "fundamentally broken" and promise to devote his future into a complete redesign of the presidential primary from the ground up.

    --For this new project, he will promise to use the breadth of his resources and bring everyone with new ideas together... Most notably, the people behind "Americans Elect," because naturally, the elections of the future will be internet-based.

    --This moment of history is EXACTLY LIKE the American surrender at the Bataan Peninsula. Gingrich is General MacArthur, who must escape the battle for now, and leave his fellow Americans in the hands of a cruel enemy (Liberals & Romney)... But he shall return!

    Anything else?

  2. So where is our media elite? It's after Noon Pacific time,Sunday, still only 51% of Nevada's precincts reporting, and NOT ONE story I can find anywhere on this vote-counting debacle?

    Can I take this as an internal comment from the "mainstream" media and the Republican Party, on how little they take seriously this ridiculous horse-race of liars, barkers and side-show acts??

  3. I agree that Romney has this year's nomination sown up. What I wonder is, who's really in second place? Given the GOPs penchant for nominating the runner up last time, this matters. If Romney loses to Obama, the 2016 GOP nominee wouldn't be running against an incumbent.

    Perry might have been a plausible heir apparent if he hadn't lost so badly so early. Is Newt now in second place? Is Santorum? Paul? It seems like they both have a motivation to stay in the race not to beat Romney but to be set up for next time.

  4. In 2004 Buchanan was runner-up. If it's Gingrich this time, 2016 may be Jeb Bush's moment.

  5. I meant to say Buchanan was runner-up in 1996.


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