Friday, February 24, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Edward James Olmos, 65. We've been rewatching BSG over on BBC America as they show it, and we're almost to the middle of season's the second time through for me, and it's holding up extremely well. I'm not certain it's the best acted show in TV history, but it's certainly on a very short list of contenders. In my view, it just gets better as it goes along, too.

And on to the good stuff:

1. If nominations have been Barack Obama's biggest weakness, then the DC Circuit is probably the worst of the worst. Good article by Joan Biskupic explains.

2. Steven Rattner blasts Mitt Romney over the auto bailout.

3. Mark Blumenthal asks his panel of "Power Outsiders" about the Arizona debate. Yes, he's still working with these GOP party actors, and has expanded to a national pool -- terrific stuff.

4. Depressing news about the further politicization of basic science eduction, from Blad Plumer.

5. And Uri Friedman has a good point about Newt's constant (public) calls for covert action, but I think the real way to understand this is that Newt probably realizes that it's a great opposition move to always call for covert operations, since the incumbent administration can hardly respond by pledging to do so (or by saying that they're already doing so).


  1. BSG gets better as it goes along? Seriously? It had one of the worst, if not the worst, finale of any show I've ever seen. And the whole last season, at least, was really weak. Up through New Caprica or so, though, it was a pretty great show.

    1. I have to agree with John on this....loved BSG until the last season, when I thought it just got too.....Lost-ish.

    2. I'll counter that with the other prevailing BSG-fan opinion - loved the series, though I thought I lagged in the middle of Season 3 and the long-drawn out season4&4.5. But I loved the finale, particularly the ending with Adama and Roslyn, which I thought tied up both of their personal story arcs very nicely.

      I think it's a sign of the great qualities of this series that different watchers are drawn to different aspects, and are drawn so strongly that we sit around and argue vigorously about it. The series definitely stirred a lot of thinking, and a lot of devotion.

  2. I've been watching BSG for the first time on BBC America. I have loved it. It's almost the perfect combination for a sci fi geek and poli sci geek.

  3. If Ellen Tigh was a cylon, then Han shot first.

  4. Sorry, I meant to write that if Ellen Tigh was a cylon, then Han shot second. To quote the great governor, "oops."


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