Monday, February 13, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Grant Wood, born this day in 1891. I'm a huge fan of Wood's work...I especially love Parson Weems' Fable and Paul Revere. Also, it also gives me a chance to link back to a post of mine about Ronald Reagan that features Wood, John Seery, Garry Wills, John Travolta, Top Secret!, and Buffy.

The good stuff:

1. Terrific reporting from Felicia Sonmez from a Maine caucus. Very helpful for understanding exactly what Ron Paul's people are up to -- now we just need more evidence so that we can figure out what kinds of effects it's likely to have.

2. The way that elections are run in the US is a national disgrace. The Monkey Cage has a typical story.

3. Jared Bernstein on entitlements.

4. What is Mitt Romney actually promising on the budget? Ezra Klein has the numbers.

5. And John Sides has fun. I can testify if needed about the length of his grad student hair.


  1. Very much disagree about elections management.

    Far from perfect, but dollar in measured, you're doing pretty good. Every election is just a statistical crapshoot, and going six sigma on them is a waste.

    Paul's delegrate strategy is something I want to love -- reminds me of dean -- but doomed to failure.

  2. re: point #5: alas, this study came much too late to benefit Mr. Krugman.


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