Thursday, February 23, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to the HBP king, Ron Hunt. He's 71. Managed to get himself plunked 50 times in 1971, which is 15 more than anyone has done it in the modern (post-1900) era.

Dust ourselves off and head to first, and then to the good stuff:

1. Daniel Drezner has more on the question of leaks -- making the case for the virtues of bureaucratic maneuvering over the whistleblower mentality. I agree!

2. Kevin Drum on Rick Santorum and The Crazy. Note: there really are parallel beliefs like these conservative ones, beliefs entirely detached from reality, held on the left. The difference is that basically not a single liberal politician in the US will go anywhere near those beliefs, and consequently they're only held by a small group of people on the fringes.

3. More on negative ads. Phil Arena responds to John Sides, and then John responds to that and to commenters.

4. Andrew Sullivan, on Rick Santorum's selective Catholic outrage. Since I'm certainly not a Catholic, I don't really have a dog in this fight, and I'm certainly not one to be bothered by hypocrisy...but, nevertheless, I'm very much with Sullivan on this one.

5. And Alyssa Rosenberg has compiled the known examples of Barack Obama, singing on camera.

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  1. If you're not Catholic, and you don't care about hypocrisy, then why do you side with Sullivan? His entire argument is about hypocrisy vis-a-vis the teachings of the Vatican hierarchy.

    Are you trying to say that you disagree with Santorum's positions on abortion and torture? I do too; but that is profoundly not the argument Sullivan is making. See his elaboration today:

    [T]he traditional teachings on abortion and on the role of human sexuality may well be correct as part of a larger scheme, but the obsession with them to the disregard of a multitude of other issues of equal importance in moral terms, issues which plainly were far more important to Christ, weakens the moral teaching of the church.


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