Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to leap baby Bart Stupak, 60. Most of you only know Stupak from the ACA fight, but I've been following him for some time; one of my undergrad students wrote about him, Fenno-style, in something I worked on long ago when I was back in grad school. So I've always payed at least a little attention to Stupak over the years. I thought he was a good Member.

Moving on to the good stuff:

1. Reihan Salam reads the epic Bawn, Cohen, Karol, Masket, Noel, and Zaller party theory paper. I have my differences with them, but it's good to see great political science work getting a wide audience.

2. Greg Sargent notes that the birth control wars are coming to Senate races.

3. Shani Hilton reads the WaPo coverage of black women and is, shall we say, not impressed.

4. Matt Glassman and I have been having a sort of "how fast would unicorns be if they were real?" argument about deadlocked conventions, and he took another run at it yesterday. I think I've maybe half-convinced him, which is fine because I'm only half-convinced myself.

5. And via Bouie -- this is absolutely brilliant. I've always argued that Lucas's mistake was that he really should have cut Phantom Menace down into a 10-15 minute prelude to Episode II, which leaves room to make a movie set during the Clone Wars...but Rod Hilton's ideas here, I think, make that entirely irrelevant.


  1. I truly love alternative spelling.

  2. Since Bart Stupak is a leap baby, wouldn't that really make him 15?


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