Thursday, February 2, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday today to Pat Tabler; he's 54. 109 PAs with the bases loaded: .489 BA. OBP/SLG of 505/693; that's an 1198 OPS, which is just a bit higher than Babe Ruth's career number. Alas, we don't know what the Babe did with the bases loaded. I wonder who the guy is who was the Pat Tabler of, say, runner on second base?

The good stuff: 

1. Sasha Issenberg noticed that Newt's campaign in Florida was a mess. Amy Gardner noticed that Newt's campaign in Nevada is a mess. Hmmm. I sense a theme.

2. Rick Hason on Super PACs and Citizens United. My general sense is that the big thing you want to do if you want publicity for something is to get it called "Super" whatever. Seems to just mesmerize reporters.

3. What Matt Yglesias said about Romney's "very poor" gaffe: it's the policy that matters.

4. But it's also true that we could use some better journalism. Greg Marx explains.

5. Suddenly a lot less interested in supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation? Over at Good, Nona Willis Aronowitz suggests five alternatives for supporting women's health.

6. And Seth Masket reports that redistricting doesn't seem to matter much in state legislatures, at least not on electoral competition and polarization. I know, it seems like the way districts are drawn should matter a great deal, but it just doesn't seem to.


  1. He only had 109PA with the bases loaded.
    Eugenio Velez has a 1.044OPS with the bases loaded. Or if you want a bigger sample size, he has a 0.988OPS in the 9th innning. Velez for HoF!

  2. Actually, my thought was that 109 bases-loaded PAs was a lot for one guy to have.....anyone have the data on that?

  3. Re: redistricting

    So this is nothing to worry about?:

    Or does that fall outside the heading of "electoral competition and polarization"?


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