Monday, February 6, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Hey, it's Babe Ruth's birthday! February 6, 1895. Did you know that Fenway Park was, when he played there, an extreme pitchers' park and HRs were almost impossible to hit there? He did okay at Yankee Stadium though.

The good stuff:

1. I sort of like this NYT initiative to crowdsource obscure campaign finance reports. I'm more in favor of campaign finance disclosure than, I think, the evidence suggests it's worth...that is, I'm not really convinced that in real life disclosure actually does make that much difference, but I think in theory it's important to protect the potential of disclosure. So good for the Times.

2. We all know that the press has an interest in keeping the nomination battle going; Erica Fry on reporters actively rooting for it.

3. OK, I'm not going to stoop to giving Seth Masket a Catch of the Day for this one, but go ahead and click it.

4. Could have also given a CotD to Harold Pollack for this one on tax whiners.

5. And Sarah Kliff reports from inside Komen.

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  1. Well, yes he did OK at Yankee Stadium, but first at the Polo Grounds. And in 1918, his final Sox year, his 11 round-trippers (in only 317 PAs) led the AL. Center at Fenway *was* a graveyard (488), but Left was 321 (long before the Monster) and Right only 314. So I think the larger contributor to Ruth's average Sox HR totals was probably the dead balls.


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