Friday, February 10, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Jim Barr, 64. I don't really have specific memories of seeing him pitch for the Phoenix Giants in 1971, but I must have -- he appeared in 47 games, and I believe I went to quite a few games that year. Here's how baseball used to be. Barr was actually an excellent pitcher from ages 24 through ages 28

1. I like Jonathan Chait's view of what GOP party actors are up to with regard to Mitt Romney. It's not quite what I've been arguing, but they go together nicely.

2. Steve Kornacki's epic history of misplaced hopes of a deadlocked convention.

3. Matt Glassman talks about public policy issues and elections.

4. Excellent overview from Stan Collender of the various types of leaks about the budget, as he tries to assess why there haven't been many leaks this year. The trick for news consumers: how to figure out which type of leak you're reading.

5. And right-wing pick-up artists, reported by Benjy Sarlin.


  1. Thanks for the link.

    Is that how you became a Giants fan --- the AAA connection in Phoneix? Or was it backwards --- you went to lots of AAA games because your family was already Giants fans?

    Who did people in Arizona generally root for in the 70's? The Dodgers?

  2. I saw Barr pitch the second leg of a doubleheader against the Cincinnati Reds at Riverfront Park, in July, 1972. Growing up in eastern Kentucky the Reds were the closest MLB team, although I was never really a fan.


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