Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Mattered This Week?

Significant news again in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, and Yemen, at least.

Congress was out of town, so nothing much there, and no GOP primary, although there was a debate in Arizona. The most important thing in GOP WH 2012, however, was the continued silence by conservatives who are still not backing Rick Santorum.

The Supremes took an affirmative action case, with court-watchers predicting that they'll knock out affirmative action.

What else? What did you think mattered this week?


  1. AZ governor/TEA party doyenne Jan Brewer just endorsed Romney (on Meet The Press). Admittedly that only matters if one believes that the outcome of the Republican presidential primary is still in doubt.

  2. The GOP culture war has stepped back to the 1950's.

    Even Jeb Bush uses language like, "I used to be a conservative,"

    I see Camelot and The Great Society on the horizon.

  3. The Gleick/global warming/Heartland story will provide a useful battering rod for those insistent on not addressing global warming (i.e. that scientists all have a political agenda). The stabilization in Romney's prospects in Michigan is also important (lucky for him to have time to rejigger his case). And whoever gets the GOP nomination looks weaker by the minute based on what's happened so far (if someone who lost reelection to a Senate seat by 18 points has had as good a shot as Santorum has had for the GOP nomination, it says alot about the disconnect between the GOP electorate and the rest of the country's electorate, at least to me).


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