Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Rick Santorum still has hardly any endorsements from elected and other prominent Republicans, many of whom have done a good deal of whining about Mitt Romney. Why not? Are they really for Romney? Do they have a problem with Santorum (and if so, what is it)?


  1. What about Gingrich? This question makes it sound like it's a two-man race.

    1. Actually, I think it's really a one person race, but partially because of how little support Santorum didn't gain any post-Iowa support.

      Oh, and why Newt didn't get endorsements is, shall we say, overdetermined.

  2. It's all the way up to a two-man race only if you squint just .

    Do they have a problem with Santorum (and if so, what is it)?

    Senator Bob Casey, and thirteen percentage points.

    The necessity of restoring legitimate government cannot rely on so unreliable, and proven unreliable, an instrument as Rick Santorum. The fate of the Republic is at stake.

  3. I don't know any potential endorsers but I can think of good reasons to be cool on Santorum: Big loss on last race. No executive experience. Looks and sounds less Presidential then Romney. Known mainly for extreme social conservative views that will turn off many Americans and that many wealthy republicans don't share. Mrs. Santorum's affair with abortionist will make them an object of ridicule.

  4. Santorum is too socially conservative to have a chance at winning states where Romney is competitive, such as Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Colorado, and his comments on gender make it difficult for him to win independent suburban women. Plus his 17 point loss to Casey in 2006, in which he lost the usually politically competitive Philadelphia suburbs by a 60-40 margin, underscore his weakness in politically moderate suburbs where Republicans need to do well to win nationally.


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