Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elsewhere: Elections, NSF, Transition

Yes, it's an election day, and you all know that I love an election day. Sorry I didn't get to post anything here about it, but I did a roundup over at Greg's place. Lots and lots of California primaries today, and at least a few Senate primaries to watch -- Democrats in New Mexico, Republicans in New Jersey, and Republicans and others in California.

Over at Post Partisan, I wrote a defense of political science and social science in response to a Charles Lane column, which took the Flake position. See also Seth Masket and Henry Farrell.

And way back yesterday, I did one also at PP about Mitt Romney and the transition, or I guess the pre-transition. It's mainly about the partisan presidency, but I want to point out that it's a very good sign that he's started the process early.


  1. No mention of the Wisconsin election today??

  2. BTW, kudos to the LA Times for their excellent interactive page for election results. It's displaying the top-two information concisely and clearly, and the districts are even laid out somewhat geographically. It's pretty cool.....


    1. Thanks for the tip. That is good.

      Now, if only they would count the votes in San Bernardino.


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