Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Danny Strong, 38.

To the good stuff:

1. More on that Charles Lane column; here's John Sides summing up the arguments.

2. Scott Lemieux on the bully pulpit and Obama. I agree with his argument that Obama made the right choices on ACA.

3. I missed this one from last week by Digby about how people treated Vietnam Vets -- people on the left and the right. I don't know enough about it, but I wrote on this question recently so I figured I should link. I think she's wrong about satiric war novels, though; I think it's rare for them to emerge during a war. We'll get them after.

4. And I haven't read it because I haven't watched season two yet, but I suspect that this Dan Drezner Game of Thrones post will be worth looking at.


  1. "because I haven't watched season two yet" You need to get on that! If only so we can make jokes/comments relating Plain Blog topics to characters in the show. Heck, we could be writing things like "Maester Neustadt in his epic work 'The Hand's Power' argued that The Hand of The King is actually a rather weak office in the governing of Westeros, being unable to effect significant change without the approval of the Small Council, the King and leadership of the seven Great Houses. In practice the Hand must rely on a combination of personal persuasion, professional reputation "inside the Red Keep", maneuvering in the court and public prestige to get things done." These are the types of things we could be talking about if you got on the ball JB!

  2. I still don't think "heroism" is the right thing to go after. "We owe our freedom to the soldiers", now that's something that always annoys me. Some wars were essential to our freedom, but others (Iraq, Vietnam) would have contributed more to our freedom if we had stayed home. But one can be a hero even in a bad war.


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