Friday, June 29, 2012

June 28, 1972

Remember Hunt's White House safe? Hunt had retained it after he no longer worked regularly at the White House, and that's where he put various Plumbers and Watergate evidence immediately after the June 17 arrests. Then they had extracted the safe. But what to do with what was inside?

Dean, by June 28, had already passed along to FBI agents the items he felt were safe to give up to law enforcement. Now, Dean and Ehrlichman decided to give the rest to Patrick Gray. After all, they could then say they had turned over everything to the FBI, right? Gray was given sealed envelopes, told that the material was not related to Watergate, and that none of it should ever be exposed for political reasons. Gray -- remember, he's the Acting Director of the FBI -- would take the materials, sit on them for six months, and then burn them. And that's how that particular batch of evidence, which included the diplomatic cables the Plumbers had forged to falsely incriminate JFK in the murder of South Vietnam's Diem, was handled by that group of lawyers.

Meanwhile, the FBI finally made Gordon Liddy.That one took a while, but once the FBI finally got the address books from DC police and started investigating them, it was only a matter of time -- because Liddy's CRP phone number was in one of them, albeit listed under an alias. On June 28, the FBI showed up at CRP to talk to Liddy, who began a silence that he wouldn't break until he got out of prison and wrote a book. It did, however, finally cost him his job with the campaign committee.


  1. Are you writing a book about this? I must have missed the post where you explained it.

    1. Nah, just love the stories. Remember, I'm relying heavily on Emery's narrative...retelling that is about 80% of the stuff here that's not direct quotes from the tapes or Haldeman's diaries. The rest is from all over the place; all that's really "me" is the interpretations about Watergate and the nature of the presidency, and even that isn't all that original.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying the play by play recap. All very fascinating to someone who didn't really live through it ( born in 72) and only has a general knowledge of what went down. Thanks.


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