Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Mick Jones, 57. The only Mick Jones who matters, I guess I should say by way of clarification.

Some good stuff:

1. I know this was last week, but I meant to link to E.J. Graff's excellent post about women, men, work, and families.

2. Why not: Jonathan Chait on the Florida 2000 recount, or non-recount. Worth remembering.

3. Great post from Hans Noel: "What if the Tea Party were an actual party?" Warning: Candadian content.

4. Seth Masket: against (mandatory) open primaries. I agree; more to the point, since it's highly unlikely that open primaries will actually do much (see his first point), it's hard to see much point in mobilizing the resources to force change. Indeed, while at a theoretical level I think parties should be free to choose open or closed primaries (or no primary at all), I wouldn't put any energy into repealing laws that for open primaries, either. It's just not a big deal.

5. And Scott Lemieux reads Scalia.


  1. Scalia's opinion is truly breath-taking.
    There's just no pretense with him anymore about being a jurist.

    1. Maybe it's an unfolding, concerted venture by Scalia and the other conservative jurists, done to make any decisions penned by Roberts seem that much more "moderate" and respectable.

  2. The big problem with primaries is that governments pay for them at all.

    Parties are perfectly entitled to pay for and hold whatever contest that they wish to choose a nominee. However, when they use the state's machinery, it seems to me that the public ought to be able to dictate any mechanism the public prefers. If they don't like it, let them foot the bill for their own elections.


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