Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Elsewhere: Spin, Spin, Spin

At PP today, I said that Tea Partiers chalked up wins in both Utah and Oklahoma yesterday because whatever the reasons were for the outcomes of the primaries there, conservatives will win the spin, and that's what will matter.  By the way, after I wrote that one, I looked around and discovered that Dave Weigel had beat me to it, or at least that our pieces are overlapping -- be sure to check his out.

But at Greg's place, I argued that spin will be pretty much irrelevant tomorrow when it comes to the SCOTUS ACA decision. 

Enjoy. Expect posting, alas, to be irregular for a while: Plain Blog offices are unfortunately suffering a bit of an AC outage right now, so between that and whatever else is going on, things may not be on exactly the normal schedule. I should have one more post coming this afternoon/evening, I hope, and then we'll see how things go tomorrow. But if there's no links post in the morning, you'll know why (and I'm doing the roundup at Plum Line this evening, so if you need stuff to read you can always go there).

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