Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Elsewhere: Representation, ACA, 2012

Didn't do one of these yesterday...I wrote about ACA as a middle class program over at PP. Apparently, some (many? no idea) from the liberal side believe that it's a program for the poor and part of Barack Obama and the Democrats taking care of the rich and the poor but not the middle class. I think that's silly, but if anyone has evidence of it being a wide-spread sentiment on the left, I'd be interested.

At Greg's place yesterday, I talked again about the (possible) importance of the economy Obama inherited to the 2012 election.

And then today's PP post was about election results, "messages," representation, and democracy. Or: thinking about democracy because of Gabrielle Giffords. As I've said, I was a fan of hers for several years, well before she became suddenly and horribly famous. Anyway, I did some writing.

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