Friday, June 29, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Matthew Weiner, 47. Wesleyan Class of 1987.

Gotta get to the good stuff:

1. There's so much out there to read about the ACA decision, but I'll mainly link to the excellent commentary at the Monkey Cage. Among the highlights: Michael Bailey and Forrest Maltzman on how Justices decide; Sarah Binder on what it means for Congress; and John Sides has the research on what the states might do.

2. One more: Scott Lemieux on the dissent.

3. And since it's all about the legal commentary, how about some analysis about Nick Fury's choices.


  1. Jonathan, you might want to check your link on point 2.

  2. Jonathon:

    The world might have been a better place had you not fixed the link to the Lemieux piece. Surely there is better stuff out there -- perhaps even some that do not describe those with whom the author disagrees as "hacks," which is hardly an analytically serious term. It would be also nice to read pieces that present evidence to support their theses.

  3. About what the states might do w/r/t Medicad. Mike Pence, the Republican candidate for Governor in Indiana (and dim bulb) has already said he's opposed to taking the new money and expanding Medicaid. Since he's likely to get elected, and likely to have Republican majorities in both houses of the legislature, Indiana mya be a rejectionist state. It's one of the down-sides of living in Indiana...


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