Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Congratulations to Orrin Hatch, renominated for a 73rd term as Senator from Utah.

OK, it's not really his 73rd term. Still, he's quite the survivor. It's unfair to him that he's getting paired with Charlie Rangel in news coverage. Rangel is a disgraced Member of the House who lost everything (including his reputation) but his seat and is clinging to just that; Hatch is still going to be a formidable presence in the 113th Congress next year. Rangel got himself in trouble; Hatch's trouble had nothing to do with anything he ever did.

Hatch has been a serious legislator. He's similar to Bob Dole, I think, without the sense of humor (or perhaps I just don't properly appreciate Hatch's sense of humor): both did more than their share of serious work in the Senate, but both also were perfectly willing to use the most vicious partisanship when they wanted, too. They're not quite Ted Kennedy types, because Kennedy really seemed to be driven by real dedication to don't get that sense, or at least I don't, with Hatch, or with Dole. Maybe George Mitchell was a good comp from the Democrats? I liked Dole's style more than I like Hatch's style; Dole used mean humor, while Hatch, to my ears, uses sanctimony, although it's certainly not as annoying to me as Joe Lieberman's act, probably because I assume with Hatch he knows it's an act. And also, of course, because I think Hatch really does work hard the rest of the time; with Holy Joe, it's all posturing.

Anyway, congrats to Hatch on another term.


  1. Wait, congrats on another term?

    Are you *assuming* the Republican nominee is a lock to win the state of Utah? I dunno, JB, Utah could be in play.......


  2. How about how incumbent Representative Jim Sullivan might have lost his primary in OK-01 (in party) because he pissed off Big Optometry?

    1. *in part. Not a great typo to leave uncorrected on this blog.

    2. Actually, Xenocrypt, I wouldn't worry too much about a typo like that. If you're like me, and you roll with Big Optometry, you know they're complaining about such things arising from small optometry all the time.


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