Thursday, June 28, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to John Cusack, 46. I think I've seen 17 movies he's been in, plus parts of three others. That sure seems like a lot. I bet there's ten I like more than Say Anything, and I like Say Anything. Maybe not. The easy calls for me are the two Rob Reiners, the two Woody Allens, and the two Savage Steve Hollands, plus Grosse Pointe Blank. I think there's about four more that it depends what mood I'm in.

Ah, rambling again. How about a bit of good stuff as we wait for the big news:

1. Dan Drezner: what the rest of the world should know about the US election.

2. Drew Linzer defends what his presidential election prediction model is telling him. I'm pretty skeptical, but discount that heavily because I haven't really focused on it yet. Generally, I recommend at least adding his projections into the mix of what to look at.

3. Good to see that Dem WH 2016 is off to a solid early start. Well, good for those of us who are die-hard presidential nomination junkies. I do understand that there are some of you who prefer time off between election cycles. Crazy talk, I say! Reid Wilson and Courtney McBride report.

4. And I don't do a lot of Jon Stewart links, but I suppose I'm obliged to link to anything that mentions Watergate that many times.


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    1. I'm also seeing it in IE and Chrome.

    2. Sorry -- blogger has been sticking in a color shift, seemingly arbitrarily...I've been taking it out when I notice it, but what with everything I haven't had a chance this morning.

      So thanks for flagging it -- will fix later. Back to ACA.


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