Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Doug Gwosdz, 52.

How about some good stuff?

1. Seth Masket on Bob Kerrey's wacky (and undemocratic, and unworkable anyway) plan to Nebraska-ize Congress.

2. Brendan Nyhan thinks he knows why reporters have suddenly found new confidence in Mitt Romney's attitudes.

3. Reviving the argument that instead of forcing spending cuts, the actual effect of the Norquist tax cut agenda is to decouple spending and taxing and therefore leading to increased government spending. Ezra Klein, whose been especially good lately, discusses.

4. And a new foreign policy poll from YouGov, with lots and lots of data. Dan Drezner starts picking at it.


  1. Spelling police....Norquist.

    1. Fixed, thanks. Sort of inevitable I'd botch someone's name in that one, given that I took about 20 minutes making sure I got 'ol Eye Chart's name right.

  2. Had not heard about Bob Kerrey's proposal before. Wow, that is stupid. Let's hope he thinks he's pandering to the home folks with that one. Although I suppose you could say it's some kind of measure of how alarming the current state of affairs has become: People are so eager to do something about it that they'll suggest things that just make them look ridiculous themselves.


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