Monday, July 2, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Ahmad Jamal, 82.

And right to the good stuff:

1. Brendan Nyhan stays on the "narrative" watch.

2. Fred Kaplan on Mitt Romney's foreign policy.

3. The walk-out on the House contempt vote placed into context by Greg Koger.

4. An informative interview by Sarah Kliff of the new AMA president, Ardis Hoven. Interesting; Hoven says she got the ACA verdict from TV, but "wasn't on CNN, so I didn't go through the back and forth." But didn't Fox also call it wrong? So does the AMA president watch MSNBC? Sounds like it to me.

5. And John Sides has a winner in the Monkey Cage "politics everywhere" series. Involving Iggy Pop. So: who is the first parties or interest group scholar to cite this one in an academic paper?


  1. There's also CNBC, no? Fox Business got it wrong, I believe, but I have no idea how CNBC did.

  2. Fox Business did get it wrong. I can't find any good, comprehensive listing of who got it right and wrong. CNN & FNC are being very commonly cited as having gotten it wrong. CNBC did too, but I only know this from Colbert. Relying on the interwebs for my news, I have no idea how everyone did, though I did read a story that seemed to suggest that the wire services waited until they had skimmed it, at least 5 minutes later.

  3. Correction: Fox Business did too.....I do not know about CNBC, as Colbert made fun of Fox Business.

    (See? that's how these mistakes happen!)

  4. I got it from NBC and watching the Today show which was interrupted by the breaking news. Although NBC certainly shares resources with MSNBC, it tends to be less partisan at least in their presentation. The other networks as well and I haven't seen anything to show that they may have missed interpreted the decision. The point is that there were a lot of other sources for the news on television than the three major cable news sources and you can't really draw a conclusion based on ruling out Fox and CNN.

    1. in Texas, I twirled around the dial and didn't notice any of the networks doing a cut-in. I'm pretty sure that included NBC, with Today over by then. It's certainly possible, however, that they cut in a few minutes later. FWIW, Hoven was in Lexington, which is on Eastern time. (And just to be clear: it's all just for fun; there's nothing at stake here; for all I know she was watching Fox or even CNN and just was making a joke).

    2. Good point. I'm in Mountain Time and that meant it was still rather early when the announcement came. I suppose they probably cut into the Today show on MT and PT because it is a news oriented program.


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