Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Annals of Incivility

Three stories:

In a case of incivility that I don't like at all, Alan Grayson's quick cycle from unknown, to lib darling, to jumping the shark, appears to be complete. It will be interesting to follow his career from here, especially as it parallels (or doesn't) Michele Bachmann's progress. Will Grayson continue to treat his House seat as a launching pad for a career as an MSNBC host? Or will he dial it down a little, and decide to take his current job a little more seriously? The results will tell us a little bit about Grayson, but they'll also be a hint about incentives on the liberal side of things. We already know which way the incentives run on the conservative side (much to the detriment of the Republican Party).

The other two tales of incivility are ones I heartily endorse. Bubba traveled to New Jersey yesterday and managed to call GOP candidate Chris Christie the "300 pound behemoth" in the race (Christie...the word is portly, I believe). Yeah, it's a cheap shot, but I'm all for a few cheap shots, here and there, in our politics. And then there's the Governator's latest, which everyone is linking to today.

Regular readers will suspect that this whole item is mainly an excuse to link back, again, to my daring expose of the president's address to schoolchildren, which revealed that Schwarzenegger isn't the first pol to cleverly imbed secret messages in seemingly innocuous prose. Regular readers are correct. Newer readers, feel free to follow that link -- if you dare!

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