Monday, October 19, 2009

Party Political Broadcast

Day Six of the "What Up" watch: GOP Chair Michael Steele's blog still has exactly one item. Which, of course, is one fewer than the number of names that it's had. I particularly recommend cruising over there and checking out the "Tag Cloud," which is a bit like Mr. Wensleydale's cheese shop ("certainly uncontaminated by cheese").

What I think hasn't been remarked on nearly enough is that Steele's blog isn't the only one on the all-new, all-with-it, In fact, there are no fewer than nine different blogs at the site. Of the nine, one of them, called "Stomping Grounds," is fully functional. The others? Well, I checked how many have posts in the last 24 hours, and I counted, well....nearly one. Here's the tally (I'm writing this on Monday October 12, around 2PM DC time...and I'm not going to bother linking, because really there's nothing to see):

Sound Reasoning: last post Thursday. Total of 8 posts over seven non-weekend days beginning with first post.

"Change the Game." Already covered. Note the new name is "Change the Game." sic. As in, the quotation marks are part of the name. I don't recall whether "What Up" was actually "'What Up'" or not. One post, six days ago.

Action Blog: last post last Monday. Also, only post last Monday.

Say It Loud: Actually, this one is functional too; last post Saturday, and about a post per day for some time (it predates the redesign).

Communications: Last post Thursday; total of ten posts beginning September 30.

Co-blog: Last post Thursday; total of two posts.

Political: Last and only post, last Monday.

Feeding the Machine: Last post Thursday; total of two posts.

Man, is that pathetic. (And I'm trying to ignore "Say It Loud" -- aren't you?). By way of contrast, here's the DNC blog, which looks like...well, it looks like a real blog. None of the GOP versions, even the functional ones, really pull that off.

Hey, Republicans! Get your act together -- 'fess up, admit it's a mess, and consolidate down to one or two blogs, none of them with embarrassing names.

(Oh, and sorry for the excess Python references...blame IFC, and alas it's probably going to continue all week).

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