Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Party Political Broadcast 2

Yeah, it's a cheap shot, but I just can't get enough of the GOP's pathetic blogs. I last talked about this on Monday, October 19; let's see what they've done since then. Looking at each of their nine blogs...

Sound Reasoning: three posts over the eight days.

"Change the Game." What Up? Not much -- still just the sad, lone, post, two weeks old as of today.

Action Blog: A second post! Granted, only one, and it does duplicate one of the three from Sound Reasoning...

Say It Loud: Continues to be functional, with five posts since last Monday. Basically RNC press releases (they released an ad, Steele appeared somewhere).

Communications: Also still functional, with five posts by blogger John Cummins over the period. Cummins comments on current events; typical post: The WH says the stimulus has saved & created jobs, but unemployment is going up, so how could that be?

Stomping Grounds: A real blog, with pretty good posts (that is, they look like real blog posts) by a couple of different RNC bloggers.

Co-blog: Nothing in the last week.

Political: Nothing in the last week.

Feeding the Machine: Nothing in the last week.

So: out of nine RNC blogs, four did not update at all in the last nine days or more, and one had a single post duplicated from another blog. Nice!

I know there's some statistic about how many blogs are quickly abandoned, but I doubt if you'll find this many on anyone's official company or organization site. Good work, RNC!

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