Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Real Deal

I think I'm going to continue pushing the idea that the GOP's Michael Steele is a latter day Bill McNeal -- although there's of course more to Bill than malapropisms, the occasional pathetic attempt to sound hip, and a thorough lack of knowledge about public policy (As far as I know, Steele doesn't take sadistic pleasure at torturing his fellow-workers, but then again I also don't know that Steele can effect any possible radio voice at the drop of a hat).

At any rate, we're now 48 hours into the great Steele blog formerly known as "What Up," and I can report that he still has...just the one post. Perhaps he's unclear on the concept; perhaps he's just blocked. If he's wondering how to get out of writing something he'd really rather not after it's been announced with great fanfare, here's the episode in which Bill did it.

(My apologies for all the sitcom references recently; I'm afraid that's just my version of political science jargon. Advance warning: the odds are pretty good that the upcoming IFC Pythonathon will creep in here even more over the next week, so if you're allergic to that sort of thing, well, fair warning).

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  1. News Radio references are always welcomed.

    Is it possible that Steele has discovered that his words and actions are being analyzed, and overly so on some occasions?

    Nah, I thought that'd be a stretch.


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