Friday, October 30, 2009

Read Stuff, You Should

This time, the thing to skip is Slate's John Dickerson's look at the state of play in the Senate. Great topic; zero value added.

On the the better stuff I've seen in the last ten days or so.

1. Want to know what the Meaning of the November 3 Elections is? If you are tempted to think that's not a stupid question, go straight to the Monkey Cage and listen to John Sides, who nails it.

2. Matt Yglesias says he's done fighting this battle. Say it ain't so, Matt! Someone really needs to keep saying it.

3. Jack Balkin is good on the topic of the partisan press. Jacob Weisberg gets the idea. Conor Friedersdorf is fighting a probably hopeless battle against the partisan press, but he's certainly on the money about Rush as a race-baiter.

4. Forget November 3 (well, don't; the NY special and the NJ governor race, and the ME marriage vote, are all very interesting and very close, but after that regroup) and start f0llowing the MA Senate contest. Hey, we could be stuck with the winner forever; they don't cycle through very quickly up there. As always with MA politics, you want to read my brother' s reporting.

5. Yes, Free Ross. Useless column; great blogger.

6. Fred Kaplan on Karzai's brother.

7. TNC quotes PE.

8. Noah: funny. Republicans: even funnier.

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