Thursday, May 19, 2011

Appalling (Or Just Really Funny)

Michele Bachmann is considering running for president and so she's reading...The Politician, the book by a John Edwards staffer about how he concealed Edwards's affair?

Check that: Michele Bachmann is considering running for president and so she's bragging about reading The Politician, the book by an Edwards staffer about concealing the candidate's affair?

Also, other journalist-penned process books, apparently. Via Goddard.

(Do I need to spell this out? It's appalling that she believes that the proper thing to learn about if she wants to run for president is superficial coverage of process stuff. It's funny, of course, because...oh, if you don't see that, never mind).


  1. Maybe you underestimate her? Sucking up to "some" journalists is an important part of running in the invisible primary, after all. ;-)

  2. I think it would be neat if she was having an affair, maybe with some crazy New Age guy, and she needed to know how to cover it up.

  3. I think she's just talking about superficial coverage, because that's what she thinks is important.

  4. You don't see Sarah "sucking up" to anyone, do you?

  5. @Neil Sinhababu:

    maybe with some crazy New Age guy

    That's just a high-quality addition to the Bachmann meme-o-sphere. Fits perfectly. I've always found Bachmann vaguely repulsive, but as I envision her with the proposed paramour, I'm pretty sure I'd like those two at my cocktail party.


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