Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Mattered This Week?

Hmm....anything happen this week?

Sorry. OK, the death of bin Laden. If anyone wants to argue about whether (and how) it's important, go for it below; I'm not going to be with you.

As far as the 2012 election (and for the other reasons it matters), we also had a pretty good jobs report, and some not at all encouraging other economic reports.

The cloture vote on Jack McConnell, a district judge nominee, was actually a pretty big deal, with eleven Republicans voting yes on cloture, then no on confirmation. That doesn't guarantee that every district court nominee will be confirmed, but it's a very good sign. It's also worth noting that the president is finally nominating judges at a faster pace than they're retiring, too.

So, what did I miss? What do you think mattered this week?


  1. Killing bin Laden and 2012 elections: I think it does matter. Won't come closer to the election, but now? I think it may have a dampening effect on Republicans willing to run; narrowing the field to more second-rate, second-tier candidates.

    I also think how bin Laden's death plays out over the next week or two matters; there's a lot of psychological wound to open of 9/11 events are looped.

    Finally, it matters because it brings the unresolved issue of torture back, sadly. I think Obama's failure to go after and punish members of the Bush Admin. for violating the Geneva Convention may come back to haunt him, and the US for years to come.

  2. Actually something significant happened this week that was only slightly connected with Osama. Donald Trump went from looking like he could make a go of something -- whether a publicity run or an actual campaign for the oval office to the undisguised and uninhibited sneering of the commentariat. The birth certificate release took away some wind. His getting hammered in an amusing way at the White House Press Correspondents dinner hurt. And his reaction both that night and subsequently made him look like a humourless self-important buffoon. The Sunday events put his seriousness further in question. And that of all people, David Letterman, someone uninclined to weigh in (unless like with McCain his show was affected) spoke out against it meant there was not to be much oxygen left in his effort. That his show remained flat in the ratings with all the added publicity means that Rick Santorum now has a better chance to have a big impact on this presidential race than the Donald.

    The Republican abandonment of the Ryan plan was also important for the 2012 election.


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  4. If wants to get out of Afghanistan then killing bin Ladin matters as it provides a great opportunity to declare victory and leave.


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