Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Housekeeping (Wesleyan CSS Students Are Way Impressive Edition)

So blogging should get back to normal slowly over the next couple of days; I'll be in transit back home tomorrow, but since I won't be sitting in a room giving highly impressive sophomores their oral exams for the entire day, odds are I'll be able to write a little, at least.

If anyone is inclined, however, I could use a little help: not only have I barely had time to read anything since Saturday, but browser crashes have meant that I lost my open tabs, so all the things I saved to read later are gone. So if there's anything notable that you've seen this week that's interesting/important/funny/impressive, I'd sure appreciate a link in comments below, or email or tweet it to me. Hey, while I'm at it: what do you think I'm not reading that I should be reading, or generally something that you know of that's underappreciated? Ideologically, I'm especially interested in smart movement conservatives and smart lefties. I'm also interested in good academic bloggers outside of political science and economics (I think I'm aware of all of the former and I read lots of the latter) who write about the kinds of stuff I'm interested in -- for example, any historians who blog about current events?

Oh, and yeah: in the I-have-a-blog-so-I-get-to-do-some-cheerleading category, Wesleyan CSS sophomores are excellent. I'm not sure whether the current crop will yield any Lael Brainards (Class of 1983) or David Garrows (1975), but I wouldn't be surprised; at any rate, collectively they all held their own against a team of four (I suspect) fairly intimidating outside examiners (we tried to be nice, but four-on-one is never easy, is it?). Well done, CSSers.


  1. Browser tabs? What is this 2006? Use Instapaper.

  2. For historians blogging about current events, you might want to check out Tim Burke, a history professor at Swarthmore. He is very smart, although he can get a little meta.



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