Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Question for Conservatives

How much do you care, just in the abstract, about past support for some of the now-forbidden issue positions from presidential candidates? I'm talking mainly here about climate change and health care, issues where the party in general has changed its positions -- not something like abortion. It's pretty clear that most candidates who have been around more than a couple years will have some history of supporting things that the party now finds you care?

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  1. Almost not at all. It would be one thing if the candidate was loud and proud about his/her positions at the time and then did a 180 for political expediency (ahem, Mitt).

    But Pawlenty basically going along to get along re. a carbon tax or some such back in 2007, or Huntsman taking an intermediate position on gay marriage by supporting civil unions...utterly irrelevant.

    The 2012 race won't turn on such trifles -- it's going to be about demonstrable competence, not shooting oneself in the foot on the campaign trail, offering a vision for America's future abroad and at home, and most importantly, structural stuff such as the unemployment rate, the price of gas, and Obama's approval ratings.


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