Friday, May 20, 2011

Read Stuff, You Should

First things first: I've restored five posts that disappeared in the Great Blogger Glitch of last week. I've republished them all into the past, so they won't show up in the current flow of the blog...anyway, they're back, but I'm afraid the comments apparently were lost. Sorry about that. If you missed them the first time around and are still interested, I'll link 'em all here. There's a fun Catch of the Day (to Matt Yglesias) about religion and politics, featuring Breaking News! about drinking on Jewish holidays; a short post on the Common/WH phony controversy; how crazy works in the GOP primaries; why I skipped the Romney health care speech; and, last but certainly not least, congratulations to John Sides and the rest of the gang at the Monkey Cage.

On to the good stuff...

1. I'll start with John, and posts on the political positions of cabinet officers and other bureaucrats. On the other hand, Chris Blattman urges everyone to be careful with academic findings.

2. Kate Harding explains groping and other basics to foolish reporters and editors.

3. From Rortybomb (Mike Konczal), a great discussion of what liberals should want at the Fed.

4. One last thing about the rally effect, from Seth Masket.

5. Jay Cost's speculation about the GOP field and geography is worth looking at, although I'm not sure I agree.. And I really liked Paul Waldman's comments about people who run for president.

6. Budget stuff? Annie Lowrey is against the debt ceiling (she's right!); Pema Levy thinks it's probably unconstitutional. Also, Ezra Klein on why Republicans hate taxes so much.

7. Is the government watching you? Conor Friedersdorf might know.

8. Technology moves to the Hill. Slowly. Good reporting by Felicia Sonmez.

9. Want to change things in the world? Want to know what works? Then you probably should be reading Steven Teles and Mark Schmidt.

10. And if you haven't seen it yet, you'll certainly want to look at the cartoon version of What Newt's Campaign Said.

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  1. @10

    Don't miss the dramatic reading by John Lithgow on last night's Colbert.


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