Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catch of the Day

Yesterday, but I'm behind...but yeah, Steve Benen is right that it really is astonishingly silly to poll on how long Barack Obama's rally-round-the-flag poll bounce will last. He went with "deeply silly," but I guess there really are a lot of appropriate adverbs for it.

Very small value added for this post: I'll make the fairly obvious point that there's some opportunity cost in polling on one thing and not the other. In fact, there are plenty of things about which I'd be curious to find out what the American people think, but we have no polling. This one? Not so much.

Anyway, good catch.


  1. Polling has shown wide opposition to raising the debt ceiling. One thing I'd like to see polled is whether that changes when people know the projected consequences. The media seems to be ignoring that the GOP leader is threatening to not do something he himself needed to be done. If the GOP is threatening to effectively derail the economy unless basically entitlements get slashed... that should get some coverage I'd think.

  2. Why not poll about polls?

    Polls are a huge part of the political conversation and have been for decades. What people think about polls seems to me to be a legitimate and interesting inquiry. To decline it is to self-inflict a huge blind spot.


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