Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day

As regular readers might imagine, I love all the pomp and ceremony of Inauguration Day. I was able to attend just once; I was on a research trip to Washington in 1993 and scored a ticket to the Clinton festivities. In 1989, when I lived in Washington, I watched on TV. I did thoroughly enjoy going to the Clinton inauguration, and the surrounding events. The research, alas, was a flop, although I did learn a lot (it was about partisanship and Hill staff. Oh well). But being there for the presidential turnover was a lot of fun.

I'll be over at Plum Line and PostPartisan today, for the most part...I may be able to post something here later, but I'm not sure. Oh, and I'll be tweeting, I'm sure.

Anyway, consider this an open thread on today's events, and if anyone has memories of past inaugurations, feel free to leave them below.

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  1. Poem on Politics for Romney

    You sit in darkness
    and wallow.
    Ideals too many
    else follow;
    another leads,
    you concede
    and close your door.

    Your message is a blow.
    Pushing against change
    in angry sprit.
    Confederacy well and alive
    in you
    and your

    Close your door.
    Sit in darkness.
    We will watch the winds of change
    And we will continue to
    Knock upon your door.

    You sit in darkness.
    shoving against
    the spirits rising;
    feel the mettle of
    the peaceful soldiers.
    We the people,
    for the people
    Evoke change.

    Don’t you feel it?
    Uplifting and hopeful
    Tracks vibrating
    With the essence of
    The love of
    The spirit of

    and we gain

    Shame on you
    For your resistance
    Shame on you
    For callousness
    Shame on you
    For placing
    A wedge upon
    Our tracks.

    I weep for you
    and others like you
    as you sit in darkness
    Our train of change is
    Going to pass you by
    As you sit in darkness.


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