Friday, January 25, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Ed Goodson, 65. Not, strictly speaking, a great ballplayer, but one of my childhood heroes thanks to his time with the Phoenix Giants. Actually, 1300+ PAs is fairly amazing for a corner infielder with a lifetime 84 OPS+.

To the good stuff, mostly more filibustering:

1. Sarah Binder on the Senate reform plan; in case you missed it, Greg Koger on the Senate reform plan.

2. Should activists be proud of what they did on Senate reform? Chris Bowers makes the case.

3. More: David Waldman on the filibuster fight.

4. David Dayen on Senate reform.

5. Andrew Sprung argues against my Reagan/Obama argument.

6. And here comes the Senate Democratic Budget; Ezra Klein has Patty Murray's plans.

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