Monday, January 7, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Mark Allen Shepherd, 52.

And on to the good stuff:

1. Really nice 5 Myths column from Tom Mann and Norm Ornstein about the Ignominious 112th. Also, from earlier last week, a nice one from Ezra Klein on the 112th.

2. Speaker elections scholar Jeffrey Jenkins on Nancy Pelosi, trend-setter.

3. Ashley Parker on what's up with Paul Ryan.

4. The House has a new history site.

5. And is steroids nonsense really just another example of the evils of baby boomers? I don't know, but Scott Lemieux makes the case.


  1. Not to be confused with Mark Andreas Sheppard aka Badger, Romo Lampkin, etc.

    1. Correct. And confusing! Granted, for all we know they could really be the same guy, given that Morn could pretty much look like anyone (although he apparently did a cameo as himself on one episode), and Sheppard must have been too busy to also hang out in Quark's place for a decade...although I would note that he really didn't start appearing in everything until just about when DS9 was wrapping up.

  2. Oddly enough DS9 is one of the few genre shows Mark Andreas Sheppard didn't guest on although he did make it on Voyager. The list of all the TV shows he's been on in his Wikipedia entry is pretty amazing.

  3. Why do we care that Speaker Pelosi votes for herself? That's the weirdest darn argument I ever did see.


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