Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Louie Perez, 60.

Lots of good stuff today, so better get right to it:

1. Mike Konczal on the debt-to-GDP ratio: if there is a magic danger point, economists don't know about it.

2. Filling the IPAB: the problem you didn't even think of. Sarah Kliff explains.

3. How parties maintain and lose technical advantages, by David Karpf.

4. The Electoral College still turns out to be relatively unbiased (as far as partisanship is concerned); Andrew Thomas has the graphs.

5. Josh Putnam corrects me: the Electoral College is easier to rig than I suggested; it just takes some creativity. I think he's correct. We both continue to agree, however, that the incentives are all wrong for the current GOP scheme to rig it to actually happen.

6. Scott Lemieux takes on the recess appointment decision.

7. If you were interested in the All-Dead and All-Alive teams, you should probably click over to an interesting discussion it kicked off. Hint: any time you see Voros McCracken's name, you want to start reading.

8. And the great Christina Kahrl on Earl Weaver. I really want to know whether Paul Richards came up in their conversation, and if so what Weaver had to say about him.


  1. Speaking of debt-to-GDP ratios, I read recently that Britain--whose austerity measures, initiated by Prime Minister Cameron in 2010, were widely praised by the GOP--has now entered the third trough of a triple-dip recession. Its economy is smaller than when Cameron took office, and its debt-to-GDP ratio is climbing while ours is falling (owing mostly to positive, albeit meager, growth).

    1. I don't remember specific GOP praise for British austerity, but it certainly fits with their general motif the last, oh, 4 years and about a week.


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