Thursday, February 7, 2013

Elsewhere: Hagel, VAWA

Over at PP today, I pushed for people to understand exactly what a filibuster is these days, and to do a better job of talking about it.

At Greg's place, I talked VAWA, and said that it'll be a good test for Huse Republicans.

And I suppose as long as I'm here I'll push the TAP column about what Republicans should do if they want to achieve the goals that Karl Rove has been talking about, although I already linked to that earlier.

Also: the Post finally got around to putting up a page where you can access all my stuff there (clicking my name no longer redirects to Robert Samuelson's page. No, I don't know why it was set up that way). So I've finally got around to adding links to my stuff at the Post, TAP, and Salon here, in the upper right hand column. I do try to do these "elsewhere" posts, but I know I don't catch everything, so now there's an easy way to check. Hey, if I'm getting more organized, I might even consider letting TAP know that I don't look all that much like Matt Bai. A little bit at a time, though. By the way, I always appreciate any help you give to my "elsewhere" pieces with tweets or likes or whatever. Really -- everything helps.

If all goes well, there should be more Watergate later tonight.

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