Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Stockard Channing, 69. For what it's worth: I believe that's two days in a row with someone who has played Barbara Gordon.

And for the good stuff:

1. No list of items today; just SOTU pieces by Ezra Klein; by Jamelle Bouie; by Greg Sargent; by Philip Klein; by Andrew Sprung; and by Ann Friedman.


  1. Dr. Bernstein, don't you think that 5 links to leftist cheerleaders for Obama and only 1 to a (mildly) critical post by Philip Klein is a bit unbalanced? Perhaps that is why I am one of the very few who respond consistently to your Sunday questions for conservatives? It is not difficult to find intelligent commentators who are critical of Obama's speech from the right; why don't you link to them?

  2. I find this column by Teixeira, who's usually very smart, quite perplexing:

    Essentially the SOTU did everything Teixiera is criticizing Obama for purportedly not doing. He wants Obama to appeal more to the material interests of the entire working class, especially whites. Sure, okay. But isn't that the major novel aspect of Obama's SOTU? His major new initiatives (as in not already receiving prominent discussion, like immigration and gun control) were: 1) infastructure spending and employment, 2) a minimum wage increase, and 3) public support for childcare. All three are bread-and-butter matters geared at helping the working class, i.e. lower-middle class and below citizens, and reversing inequality trends that have hurt the working class. One could have even more directly targeted policies, but the SOTU did show that Obama is tacking the liberal-Democratic ship toward economic issues, not only in the direction of 'special interest'/identity matters. Teixeira seemed to hear a different speech.


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