Friday, February 8, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Seth Green, 39. Mostly, as you might guess, because of Oz -- but I'm definitely a big Radio Days fan, too. And he was in Can't Buy Me Love, one of the greatest movies ever set in Arizona (okay, it's a short list. Even shorter if you limit it to modern, real-life Arizona. Psycho, if you count that. There are others. And, yes, there are lawns in Tucson for Lawn Boy to mow).

Some good stuff:

1. Jonathan Chait on the same topic I was on yesterday, sane Republicans. He does call them moderates, though.

2. Stan Collender on all the budget deadlines coming up, and how they may interact.

3. Dan Drezner's autogenerated Iran post.

4. The Democrats defend social science funding; John Sides has it.

5. And a great one from Marin Cogan on (mis)identifying Members of Congress.


  1. When I try to click on the link about "Sane Republicans" I get a server error message. Is this coincidence...or conspiracy?

  2. Seth Green, without a Family Guy or Robot Chicken shout-out?


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