Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Question for Conservatives

The New York Times this morning reported on a new Karl Rove led initiative to support better candidates -- that is, to weed out the Todd Akin types.

If you agree that Republicans have a nomination you think this likely to make it better, make it worse, or have little effect?


  1. If limited to weeding out Todd Akin types, it would probably be a good thing. My fear is that they intend to weed out immigration restrictionists generally (as Karl Rove is a well-known adversary of the immigration restriction wing of the GOP), and many immigration restrictionists make fine general election candidates.

  2. I hope that Democrats become less crazy.

  3. I've got my doubts about the effectiveness of this -- Todd Akins really didn't look "peculiar" to Republican voters or higher Republican authorities while he was in the House. Indeed, his strong rejection of abortion probably struck most Republicans as proof of both good character and electability. It came as a shock to discover this was not so.

    What's really going to "repair" the Republican party? Thirty years time. Let the country move on. Let "Obamacare" and abortion and creationism-in-the-classroom and 2nd Amendment worship and fear of Hispanics, etc. fall into a sinkhole of history, like isolationism and Prohibition and Jim Crow and opposing Women's Suffrage.

    I've considerable confidence that the nation will find other topics to consider in future years, with issues which spur partisanship and intelligent debate.


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