Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21, 1973

Very little today; Haldeman's diary says that he spoke to the president only once but Nixon "covered an amazing array and range of subjects. His first concern was the meeting he had with Rex Scott [?] about the colors in the [new White House] bowling alley..."

About Watergate, nothing exciting, but this seems worth including:


Haldeman: Ervin's come up with a slick move on his general -- on his Chief Counsel for his committee. He's trying to get [former Republican Senator] Ken Keating, which, weighing the alternatives, may be the best bet for us, because he is --

-- the next choice is, oh, Christ, you know his name. I can't remember it -- a lawyer [unknown] in New York who solved the problem now, that is a particular type of Republican, ran for governor or something like that years ago.

President Nixon: Oh, yes.

Haldeman: Older man.

President Nixon: Older man, yes.

Haldeman: And the third one is some Jew.[...]


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  1. Does anyone know the story with Nixon and Jews? You've alluded to it a few times in these Watergate posts. Was it all talk, was it standard clubby WASP discrimination? Was it just because Jews tend to vote Democratic? And if he was so suspicious of Jews, what was he doing giving Kissinger so much power?

    Any theories?


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