Thursday, February 7, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Eliezer Alfonzo, 34.

And right to the good stuff:

1. Sarah Kliff reports on how John Kasich came to support Medicaid expansion.

2. Ed Kilgore on "Bush people" and "Reagan people."

3. I generally side against Dan Drezner on this one.

4. Always good to see Ta-Nehisi Coates in the NYT -- this time on gun violence.

5. And my brother, the critic. Of how politicians use giant ceremonial props.


  1. I pretty much agree with Drezner about the talk; I'd add that it may be, if anything, *more* important at institutions that are not particularly research-oriented.

  2. “We knew for the extension to even be a possibility, there needed to be a better understanding of it,” Kasich communications director Scott Milburn says. “That case needed to be made by stakeholders on the front lines. Once they got going, it became a persuasive argument. Their ongoing partnership on this is highly valued.”

    Gee, now how do you suppose all those misunderstandings got out there?

  3. Jonathan,

    I read your article in the prospect about how the GOP should save itself but I have to disagree with a small part:

    It may be hard to go in front of a conservative crowd and resist an applause line calling Barack Obama a socialist. But these are applause lines because Republicans have been using them for at least 40 years whether the target is Bill Clinton (Whitewater, travelgate, mysterious deaths); Hillary Clinton (the Vince Foster “murder” and more); or Ted Kennedy (Chappaquiddick). Not to mention “San Francisco Democrats” and “Taxachusetts” and “Chicago politics” and “real America.”

    I agree that all of the terms save one is sill and symptomatic of a dysfunctional party. I don't think Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick should be on the list. If Ted Kennedy's last name was Smith there is little doubt in my mind that he would have been sent to jail. His conduct on that night was objectively horrendous and it is perfectly legitimate for an opposition party to throw that in his face.

    Lord knows I would if there was a Republican who did a similar act and whose behavior really didn't improve until over twenty years later as witnessed by the reports of sexual harassment and alcoholism that stayed with him until the end of the 80s.


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