Sunday, May 5, 2013

Friday Baseball Post

I've been negligent about doing this, but I have to take note of the remarkable games last night (Posey 9th inning HR to win it despite a typically dominant Kershaw start) and tonight (Guillermo Quiroz 10th inning HR to win it)

1. When's the last time the Giants won a game in which they allowed a 7-run inning? Just generally, I wonder how many games a year anyone wins despite allowing a seven run inning.

2. Through these first two games of the series, the Giants have not yet retired the Dodgers cleanly 1-2-3 in any of the 19 innings. There were two 1-2-3 innings tonight thanks to a DP. And yet the Giants won both games -- and allowed only one run last night.

3. Revenge! I'm pretty sure I attended this series in LA in 1974: first game Dodgers scored three in the 8th to tie and then won it, 4-3, on a leadoff HR by Buckner off of Sosa in the 10th; second game Jimmy Wynn homered in the 9th to tie it and then Ferguson lead off the 10th with a HR off Sosa to win it, 3-2; third game the Dodgers got two in the 7th to tie and then Ken McMullen singled off Don McMahon to knock in Lopes and win it, 4-3. Well, put it this way: my memory is that I attended a series sweep in LA in which two of the games were walk-off HRs. If there was another one like this, I'm not sure I want to know about it. Granted, real revenge would have required being at the games tonight and last night, and who knows what will happen tomorrow, but I'll take it.

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  1. 1-2-3-wha? Do you mean two 1-2-3-4 innings, with DPs? There was also another 1-2-3-4, with an FC (top 2nd) and a brief 1-2-3-4-5 with an HBP (top 3rd).


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